Recognition of the 2019 Retirees


The Western North Carolina Conference recognized 39 retirees today with a combined 941 years of ministry as the dates appear in the records of the conference secretary. We celebrate the faithful service of these ministers and friends. Photos by Rev. Earl Bradshaw.

Barbara Jean Barden 
Spouse: Mark
Diaconal Minister 1988
Appointments: 1988 Transfer from Florida Conference; 1989 Education, Burkhead (Winston-Salem); 1992 Leave of Absence; 1993 Children’s and Youth Ministries, Central (Concord); 1996 Education Burkhead (Winston-Salem); 2000 Minister of Education, Myers Park (Charlotte); 2019 Retired 

Glenda McShane Bramlet 
Spouse: Michael
Licensed 1999
Appointments: 1999 Fairview Sharon-Sardis; 2001 Fairview Sharon-Laurel Hill; 2003 Bethany-Fairview Sharon; 2009 Rockford Street-Oak Grove (Mount Airy); 2012 Matthews Chapel-Price (Stonesville); 2013 Westview (Hickory); 2019 Retired 

Dana Millard Bunn 
Spouse: Joyce
Licensed 1994
Probationary Member 1997 Ordained Deacon 1997 Ordained Elder 1999Full Connection 1999 Appointments: 1994 Seagrove; 1994 Pisgah-Seagrove; 1997 Hiddenite-Liberty; 2004 Whitnel (Lenoir); 2008 First (Randleman); 2015 Intentional Interim Archdale; 2017 Intentional Interim First (Sylva); 2019 Retired 

Sally Marie Kemp Bush
Spouse: Russell
Diaconal Minister 1977 Ordained Deacon 1997 Full Connection 1997Appointments: 1977 Education, Maple Springs (Winston-Salem); 1978 Education, Providence (Charlotte); 1982 Leave of Absence; 1987 Assistant Director, Resident Services, Givens Estates; 2003 Programming Director, Givens Estates; 2018 Retired  

Dennis Wayne Cameron 
Spouse: Vickie
Licensed 1986
Appointments: 1986 Mount Airy-Surry Circuit Associate; 1996 Mount Airy-Surry Circuit; 1999 No Appointment; 2006 Salem-Epworth (Mount Airy); 2015 Franklin Heights-Maple Grove (Mount Airy); 2019 Retired 

Nancy Miller Campbell
Spouse: William
Diaconal Minister 1986 Ordained Deacon 1997 Full Connection 1997Appointments: 1986 Education, Cokesbury (Charlotte); 1987 Counselor, Catholic Counseling Services; 2005 Leave of Absence; 2005 Associate, Sharon (Charlotte) Minister of Spiritual Growth; 2018 SouthPark (Charlotte) Deacon Associate; 2019 Retired 

Walter Bates Christian 
Spouse: Diana
Licensed 2007
Probationary Member 2015
Appointments: 2007 Dana; 2011 Henderson County Cooperative Parish Director (Edneyville-Dana); 2015 Mount Hermon (Madison); 2019 Retired 

Clint James Church 
Spouse: Alyson
Licensed 1978
Probationary Member 1984 Ordained Deacon 1984 Ordained Elder 1988Full Connection 1988 Appointments: 1978 Moravian Falls; 1979 Boone Circuit; 1982 No Appointment; 1984 Hopewell (AL); 1992 Faith (Gastonia); 1998 Highland (Hickory); 2005 Abernethy Memorial (Newton); 2014 Roberta; 2019 Retired 

Stephen Reynolds Combs 
Spouse: Sandra
Licensed 1995
Probationary Member 1997 Ordained Deacon 1997 Ordained Elder 1999Full Connection 1999 Appointments: 1995 St. Luke (Charlotte); 1999 Matthews Associate; 2006 Fletcher; 2010 Milford Hills (Salisbury); 2015 Salem; 2019 Retired 

Anne Collins Conover 
Spouse: Cameron
Probationary Member 2008 Ordained Deacon 2012 Full Connection 2012Appointments: 2008 Center Minister of Education; 2010 Yadkinville Minister of the Arts; 2013 Rehobeth Minister of Education; 2018 Rehobeth (Greensboro) Deacon Associate; 2018 Transitional Leave; 2019 Retired 

Judy Hilton Eurey 
Spouse: Edward
Licensed 2005
Probationary Member 2006 Ordained Elder 2010 Full Connection 2010Appointments: 2005 Table Rock Assistant; 2006 First Associate (Hendersonville): 2010 Pisgah (Lincolnton); 2014 Friendship (Statesville); 2019 Retired 

George Mark Freeman 
Spouse: Donna
Probationary Member 1977 Ordained Deacon 1977 Ordained Elder 1981Full Connection 1981 Appointments: 1977 Student; 1979 Level Cross-Ebenezer; 1981 Mount Tabor (Salisbury); 1983 Seagrove; 1985 South Point (Belmont); 1986 Providence Associate (Charlotte); 1991 Cullowhee; 1995 Biltmore (Asheville); 1996 First (Brevard); 2001 Oak Ridge; 2002 First (Hickory); 2007 First (Gastonia); 2011 Central (Monroe); 2017 Sedge Garden (Kernersville); 2019 Retired 

George Hobart Friddle
Spouse: Elizabeth
Licensed 2005
Appointments: Appointments: 2005 St. Paul; 2015 St. Paul - Proximity; 2019 Retired 

Thomas Lester Gibson 
Spouse: Robin
Probationary Member 1977 Ordained Deacon 1977 Ordained Elder 1982Full Connection 1982 Appointments: 1977 Student; 1980 Pisgah (Kernersville); 1984 Williamson’s Chapel; 1990 Morris Chapel; 1995 Boone; 2000 St. Luke’s (Hickory); 2007 Guilford Gollege (Greensboro); 2019 Retired 

Michael Hanes Goode 
Spouse: Ellen
Licensed 1992
Probationary Member 1995 Ordained Deacon 1995 Ordained Elder 1999Full Connection 1999 Appointments: 1992 Forsyth-Stokes; 1997 Green Street (Winston-Salem); 2000 Shady Grove (Winston-Salem); 2007 Mount Pleasant (Greensboro); 2010 Huntersville; 2013 Hickory Grove (Charlotte); 2015 First (China Grove); 2019 Retired 

Bonnie Preston Harris
Probationary Member 1999 Ordained Deacon 1999 Ordained Elder 2001 Full Connection 2001 Appointments:1999 Tabernacle; 2004 Trinity (Gastonia); 2007 Pine Grove (Kernersville); 2012 Center (Yadkinville); 2017 Vanderburg (Mooresville); 2019 Retired 

Freida Hartley Hobson
Spouse: David
Associate Member 2004 Ordained Deacon 2004
Appointments: 1995 Fairview (MA); 1996 Table Rock Associate-Fairview; 1997 Golden Valley-Pinnacle; 2002 First Associate (Forest City); 2005 Pleasant Grove (Forest City); 2006 Forest Hill Associate (Concord); 2009 First (Maiden); 2012 Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree; 2019 Retired 

Doug Edward Hochmuth 
Spouse: Deborah
Probationary Member 1990 Ordained Elder 1993 Full Connection 1993Appointments: 1990 St. Asbury; 1991 North Cleveland; 1996 First (Eden); 2001 Christ (Morganton); 2005 Bethesda (Lexington); 2009 Mount Carmel (Winston-Salem); 2012 First (Norwood); 2016 Hiddenite-South River-Carson’s Chapel; 2019 Retired 

Arthur Robert Holland
Spouse: Denna
Probationary Member 1982 Ordained Deacon 1982 Ordained Elder 1985Full Connection 1985 Appointments: 1982 Student; 1983 First Associate (North Wilkesboro); 1986 Salem; 1990 Prospect-Mount Pleasant; 1994 Trinity (Lexington); 1998 Good Hope; 2005 Mount Carmel (Reidsville); 2009 Bethel (Thomasville); 2013 Lafayette Street (Shelby); 2019 Retired 

Charles Lee Hutchens 
Spouse: Susan
Probationary Member 1991 Ordained Deacon 1991 Ordained Elder 1994Full Connection 1994 Appointments: 1990 Pine Grove-Randall; 1993 Oak Grove (Ellenboro); 1996 First (Taylorsville); 2001 Bethany (Lexington); 2006 Main Street (Reidsville); 2012 Bethlehem (Climax); 2016 Centenary (Mount Ulla); 2019 Retired 

Barbara Lynn Jordan 
Spouse: Larry
Licensed 2011
Appointments: 2011 Dulin; 2013 Arcadia; 2016 Midway (Lexington) Assistant; 2019 Retired 

Ruth Naomi King 
Probationary Member 2001 Ordained Elder 2004 Full Connection 2004 Appointments: 2001 Beaverdam-Piney Grove; 2005 Christ (Weaverville); 2012 Bethel (Statesville)-Marvin (Stony Point); 2019 Retired 

Eric Earl Lanier 
Spouse: Melanie
Licensed 2007
Appointments: 2007 Pineville Assistant; 2019 Retired 

David Alan Locke 
Spouse: Ruby
Licensed 2007
Probationary Member 2011 Ordained Elder 2014 Full Connection 2014Appointments: 2007 Snow Creek-Moss Chapel; 2008 Snow Creek-Moss Chapel-Midway; 2010 New Hope (Rutherfordton); 2013 Weddington Associate; 2016 Providence (Statesville); 2018 Retired 

Elizabeth Kay Horace Lowder Orrell 
Spouse: Dale
Diaconal Minister 1994 Ordained Deacon 1999 Full Connection 1999Appointments: 1994 Education, Sharon (Charlotte); 2000 Education, Mount Tabor (Winston-Salem); 2005 Leave of Absence; 2011 Mount Tabor, Minister of Spiritual Formation & Adult Ministry (Winston-Salem); 2014 Waterfall Consulting and Coaching; 2019 Retired 

Ronald Joe Lytle 
Spouse: Ruth Licensed 1997
Ordained Deacon 2003
Appointments: 1997 Ansonville; 2001 Laboratory-Mary’s Grove; 2005 Shiloh (Claremont); 2014 Hickory Stand-Oak Forest; 
2015 Medical Leave; 2019 Retired 

Richard Allen Magnuson 
Spouse: Mary
Licensed 2002
Appointments: 2002 Knox Chapel; 2008 Rocky Springs-Carson’s Chapel; 2010 Nebo-Snow Hill: 2019 Retired 

Albert Wade Ogle 
Spouse: Susan
Licensed 1997
Probationary Member 2002 Ordained Elder 2005 Full Connection 2005Appointments: 1997 Gilkey-Thermal City-Gilboa; 2002 First (Hildebran); 2010 Trinity (Charlotte); 2019 Retired 

Wayne Bloodworth Parleir 
Spouse: Elizabeth
Licensed 1987
Appointments: 1987 Sandy Ridge Associate; 1991 Meadow View-Wentworth Associate (Eden); 1993 Meadow View (Eden); 2019 Retired 

David Wayne Ratcliffe
Spouse: Susan
Licensed 1996
Probationary Member 1999 Ordained Deacon 1999 Ordained Elder 2001Full Connection 2001 Appointments: 1996 Murphy Circuit Co-Pastor/Cherokee Co Parish; 1997 Avondale-Cliffside; 1999 Oteen-Azalea; 2002 Pleasant Grove (Forest City); 2005 Crowell Memorial-Palm Tree; 2009 Ashe-Watauga; 2012 Chaplain, United Hospice of Wilkes; 2017 Chaplain, Medi Home Health and Hospice, Sparta; 2019 Retired 

Sherrie Burford Schork 
Spouse: John
Diaconal Minister 1998 Ordained Deacon 2001 Full Connection 2011Appointments: 2010 Cullowhee Deacon Associate; 2011 Transfer from Kentucky Conference; 2013 Barnabas Ministries, Smoky Mountain District and Director of Equipping Ministries, First Waynesville; 2015 Barnabas Ministries; 2016 Smoky Mountain Church Vitality Strategist and Barnabas Ministries; 2018 Retired 

Selena Levens Scott 
Spouse: Larry
Licensed 2012
Appointments: 2012 Forsyth-Rockingham-Stokes Circuit Assistant; 2013 Hiddenite-South River- Carson’s Chapel Assistant; 2014 Hiddenite Assistant; 2016 Glencoe (Summerfield); 2019 Retired 

Patricia Kaylor Suggs
Spouse: Doug
Probationary Member 1977 Ordained Deacon 1977 Ordained Elder 1979Full Connection 1979 Appointments: 1977 Sparta; 1978 Shiloh-Sparta; 1980 Student; 1987 Director of Aging Initiativies and Assistant Professor
of Medicine, Bowman Gray School of Medicine; 1998 Director of Aging Initiatives and Assistant Professor of Medicine, Bowman Gray School of Medicine/Marvin (Winston-Salem); 2006 Bethel (Winston-Salem); 2008 Counselor, Taylor House Associate; 2009 Chaplain, The Prodigals Community; 2011 St. Mark and Coach/Trainer for Clergy and Congregations; 2014 Coach/Trainer for Clergy and Congregations; 2016 Elbaville (Advance) & Coach/Trainer for Clergy and Congregations; 2017 Coach/Trainer for Clergy and Congregations/Danbury Community Chapel; 2019 Coach/Trainer for Clergy and Congregations; 2019 Retired

Michael Keith Swofford 
Spouse: Melissa
Licensed 1972
Probationary Member 1982 Ordained Deacon 1982 Ordained Elder 1985Full Connection 1985 Appointments: 1974 Matton’s Grove-Zion; 1975 No Appointment; 1982 Student; 1983 Northwood (High Point); 1985 South Randolph; 1987 Flag Springs-New Hope; 1989 Fletcher; 1994 New Salem (Randleman); 2000 Pisgah (Kernersville); 2002 Matthews Associate; 2006 First (Marion); 2010 Centenary (Mount Ulla); 2016 Bethlehem (Climax); 2019 Retired 

Charles Sydnor Thompson III 
Spouse: Kelly
Probationary Member 1981 Ordained Deacon 1981 Ordained Elder 1986Full Connection 1986 Appointments: 1981 Wingate; 1983 Student; 1985 St. Paul (Central Texas Conference); 1986 Student; 1987 Transfer from Texas Conference; 1990 Whittier; 1993 Westford (Concord); 1997 First (North Wilkesboro); 2005 US Navy Chaplain; 2006 First (Morganton); 2012 US Navy Chaplain; 2013 Myers Memorial (Gastonia); 2016 First (Rutherfordton); 2019 Retired 

Jack Donald Tookey 
Spouse: Jacqueline
Licensed 2006
Probationary Member 2007 Ordained Elder 2011 Full Connection 2011Appointments: 2006 Bethel (King); 2007 Farmington-Wesley Chapel; 2010 New Mount Tabor; 2015 Alleghany-Grayson (Cox’s Chapel, Piney Creek, Shiloh); 2019 Retired 

Ann Marie Tucker 
Spouse: Steven
Diaconal Minister 1983 Ordained Deacon 1997 Full Connection 1997Appointments: 1983 Education, Pleasant Garden (Greensboro); 1985 Education, Maple Springs (Winston-Salem); 1987 Leave of Absence; 1988 Resident Counselor, The Children's Home; 1993 Team Leader, The Children's Home; 2002 Family Counselor, The Children's Home; 2003 Counselor, Crossroads HealthCare; 2004 Leave of Absence; 2007 Therapist,
Old Vineyard Behavioral Health, Inc.; 2009 Intake Coordinator, Community Resource Solution; 2010 Therapist, Youth Opportunities, Inc.; 2011 Transitional Leave; 2012 Personal Leave; 2013 Therapist Family Services, Inc.; 2019 Retired 

Catherine Kelly Vlastakis 
Spouse: Kirk
Licensed 2001
Probationary Member 2008 Ordained Elder 2011 Full Connection 2011Appointments: 2001 West Forsyth Assistant; 2002 Clemmons Associate; 2005 No Appointment; 2007 Hickory Ridge; 2008 Baltimore; 2012 Family Leave; 2015 Main Street (Kernersville) Associate Pastor; 2017 Family Leave; 2018 Retired 

Charles Mac Warren 
Spouse: Lisa
Licensed 2005
Appointments: 2005 Dunkirk-Eschol; 2006 Hanes Grove; 2009 Asbury-Hanes Grove; 2012 Macedonia-Olin; 2017 Olin; 2018 Retired 

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The Appalachian District Church Vitality Team has been prayerfully seeking ways to help support you and the ministries of your local congregation during this COVID-19 pandemic. Together they have diligently researched and connected with others throughout the conference and our denomination to identify resources and offer them to you. We hope they will be helpful to you and bless you greatly in leading your churches and communities through this unprecedented time. We are very grateful to the District Vitality Team and other contributors for their great work on this resource.
This faithful team has created three documents, two of which you are receiving today. They include:

  • Family Home Worship – designed to help families establish a regular worship space within their homes as well as a time where they can worship together.
  • Tech Strategies – to help guide you in selecting effective tools and resources within your budget to best communicate in the digital world.

We believe these resources will be of great benefit to you. Also know that the District Vitality Team is available to answer any questions you might have in regards to the documents attached. If you have questions, you may email Rev. Howard Fleming at


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