Maundy Thursday NETworX Offering


Maundy comes from the Latin for mandates or “must dos” from Jesus on the last night of his life. Jesus gave these two commands in John 15. The first in verse 12 - “love one another as I have loved you.” This is after Jesus demonstrates amazing love by washing his disciples’ feet. Then again in verse 17. “This I command you to love one another.” So the mandates or commands are that we love each other with Jesus’ kind of love that not only washes dirty feet but does so as our act of love. 

NETworX is love at work. It is the messy and often difficult acts of working with others. All of us have poverty of some sort.  NETworX is a ministry focused on eliminating poverty at its holistic core through affirming each individual’s God-given gifts and building community together through intentional relationships. We strive to secure well-being for all, rather than well-doing for others, through relationships and addressing holistic poverty with humility and dignity. NETworX stands for Nurture, Educate and Transformation by way of the work of the cross. NETworX teaches us that all of us have poverty of some sort. This is a very different spin on the traditional definition of poverty. Often times when we look at poverty from only an economic perspective we miss all of the systemic barriers that make it difficult for individuals and families to progress.  Watch the 3-minute video to understand how federal poverty guidelines make it difficult for families to move out of financial poverty 

NETworX is aimed at helping individuals and families to overcome poverty in its entirety, but we cannot do this alone. This effort requires all of us, as faithful followers of Jesus, to offer what we can.
John Wesley understood poverty in all its dimensions (economic, political, cultural, physical, and spiritual). Wesley took the command of Jesus, to minister to and live with the poor, seriously. Aiding the poor means making them more capable of fulfilling their God-given gifts; it is not to make them dependent.  Wesley’s work proved a success in people rising up out of poverty with ladders of opportunity. Two of those ladders are Nurture and Education in a safe and sustained setting. And like Wesley’s classes, these NETworX classes work...they are transformative...

During this Lenten season, we are asked to examine our love for God. Often times our love of God reflects how we choose to love our neighbor. During the Maundy Thursday service, we are asking that you consider gifting your Maundy Thursday offering (in full or in part) to the NETworX initiative. Your giving helps to support the ongoing expenses needed to operate this ministry at local sites. A gift of:
$25 Covers a Children’s Facilitator for one week.
$50 Covers NETworX facilitation for one week.
$100 Provides a month’s transportation for a family of four.
$120 Covers a healthy weekly meal for a NETworX group of 40. 
$300 Covers the stipend for one NETworX participant after they have completed phase one (12-15 weeks).

John Wesley says, “Only giving money, however important, will not release people from poverty unless the other dimensions of poverty are addressed.  This means, of course, that unfair systems must be changed. But it also means that disciples of Christ must be intimately related to the poor so that the poor can be brought fully into the life-giving community.”

We welcome all to bring their God-given gifts to NETworX. During this Lenten season, your gift may not be a financial one but rather a giving of yourself to a local NETworX community. Please join us in holistically transforming communities and loving our neighbors as Jesus commands. For more information about NETworX, please email Crystal Imes or Annette Snider

Offerings may be sent to RFD CDC at 1713 Beechwood Road, Yadkinville, NC 27055 or your local NETworX site.  RFD CDC is an affiliated ministry of the WNCC.  

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