The 2018 Missional Engagement Grant Applications are now open for the Fall round. 


The application is to be submitted by any local church(es) within the Appalachian District of the WNNC wishing to receive Missional Engagement funds during the current year.
Missional Engagement funds are intended for partnership initiatives which engage local church members in missional opportunities within the local community or beyond. Priority will be given to missional opportunities that work with other local churches/organizations, build relationships between local church members and the people being served, are multi-racial and multi-ethnic, and which are most closely aligned with the mission, vision, and strategies of the WNCC.
These funds are not intended for an ‘in-house’ church ministry unless there is collaboration with multiple churches.
A fully completed application must be received in the Appalachian District office by November 19, 2018 to be considered for the first round of grants. No exceptions.


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