Providence UMC in Statesville: Pianist Needed

The Pianist shall be directly responsible to the Pastor-Parish Relations Committee and to the Minister in relation to worship services and special occasions.


1. The Pianist shall cooperate with the Minister and Choir Director in making the program of music ministry and integral part of the worship service.

2. The Pianist shall work with the Minister, Choir Director, and Committee on Worship to improve the quality of music in the choirs.

3. The Pianist shall have the ability and interest to regularly provide music from the great tradition of standard literature and contemporary Christian music which reflects the quality and variety of the Christian tradition.

4. The Pianist shall be responsible for providing accompaniment for the regular worship services, as well as other special services and functions.

5. The Pianist shall work in harmony with the other members of the church staff, both giving and receiving assistance, which will lead to the enrichment of the worship experience and overall music ministry of the church.


1. The Pianist shall provide a prelude, offertory, and postlude, and accompany all congregational hymns, special choir presentations, and any other planned music for Sunday morning worship services.

2. The Pianist shall accompany the Adult Choir for weekly rehearsals, and will make every effort to keep abreast of selections to provide the best possible accompaniment.

3. The Pianist may be asked to work with the director of the Children’s Choir and will provide accompaniment for presentations as needed.

4. The Pianist shall provide choir members the opportunity for special assistance if needed for solo parts, voice improvement, etc.

5. The Pianist is expected to be available for the special services of the church such as Christmas, Easter, and to include extra practices, etc.

6. The Pianist shall, whenever possible, play for funerals held at Providence United Methodist Church.

7. The Pianist shall be willing to negotiate with wedding parties if asked to play at weddings. The music selected shall be in harmony with the policies of Providence United Methodist Church. Fees for such services shall be negotiated by the Pianist and the wedding party and paid directly to the Pianist.

8. The Pianist is encouraged to take advantage of continuing education opportunities. Any costs incurred must be approved in advance by the Administrative Council.


1. The Pianist shall receive three (3) pre-approved Sundays per year with pay as vacation. The Pianist will be responsible for communicating with the Choir Director and Minister for preparations for worship while they are absent.

Please contact SPRC Chair, Leslie Lambert at  704 902-1077.

If you would like to post a job please contact Katie Hutton at the District Office at