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Stories Along the Journey

A Podcast from the Appalachian District Office

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Lory Beth and Gloria sit down with Rev. Ken Anderson and talk disasters. Ken is appointed at Henson Chapel-Mabel charge as well as serving as the Appalachian District Disaster Response Coordinator. Ken has served as a Coordinator for other districts as well as the conference Coordinator. Ken brings years of knowledge and skills to this podcast as he talks about how to get involved and when. If you are feeling called to help please check out these resources: 

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 Song and Music:
Rev. Chris Hughes and Tom Lane "I Will Follow Jesus"
Voice: Rev. Greg Lee
Katie Hutton,  District Administrator, Clergy and Church Relations, dCOM Registrar
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-Gloria Hughes, Host/Story Teller and District Vitality Associate- Lory Beth Huffman, Host/Story Teller, District Superintendent- Katie Hutton, Podcast Producer, District Administrator